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How To Get Mystery Shopping Jobs

Work From Home: How To Be a Mystery Shopper

Who wouldn't like to get paid to shop? It's great fun! OK, maybe it's not going to get you into the rich list overnight, but who wouldn't want to have extra money for going shopping?

So What Is A Mystery Shopper?

Mystery shoppers (or secret shoppers as they are also called) are paid to go into businesses like stores, hotels and restaurants and then report on their experience. And they get paid for it! Good mystery shoppers can make a very nice income for very little work Only a few secret shoppers make a full-time job out of it. But you're doing things you like and are probably going to be doing anyway, so why not get paid for it?

When you're out shopping, why not get your car washed for free? Your coffee and cake paid for? Buy some chocolate. Try on clothes. Have a haircut. Have a manicure. Plus you get refunded for the things you've bought AND get paid for your time. What's not to like?

Do Mystery Shopping Companies Really Pay You To Go Shopping?

YES! The jobs I mentioned above are real jobs that we have sent our secret shoppers to do. That's right: I run a secret shopping company. It's called Shadow Shopper That's how I know. And if you want to check out how much money some of our shoppers make see the payslips at the bottom of this page. Shadow Shopper covers Australia. In the US and the UK, there are also lots of companies.

Do ALL Mystery Shoppers Make Lots of Money?

Sadly, no. Most mystery shoppers don't make a lot of money at all. But the good news is that you CAN make money. All you need are the inside secrets so that you don't make the mistakes other people do. You can be one of the successful ones! There's no reason why you too can't make good money working from home - not to mention having free haircuts, carwashes, coffees, meals, and other great stuff.

How Do I Know All About Mystery Shoppng?

Good question. Time I introduced myself. I'm Heather, a Director of Shadow Shopper. That's me below. I started the company in 2004, and we've been mystery shopping all kinds of businesses since then. We have over 45,000 secret shoppers, so I know all about what makes a good shopper and who gets the jobs!

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Don't Make The Mistakes Most Mystery Shoppers Make!

What amazed me was that they didn't even know they were doing it! Let me explain. They want to work from home, think that secret shopping is a good idea so they apply. Some go on to earn lots of money, others get a few jobs and others none at all. What makes the difference? What are they doing wrong?

At First I Was Surprised

That's putting it mildly! Actually, I was completely stunned. I couldn't believe what mystery shoppers put in their applications and their reports. And then they wondered why they didn't get jobs? Sometimes I couldn't believe my eyes!

Then I Thought 'How Can I Help?'

I realised that people didn't mean to do the wrong thing, just that they didn't know the right thing to do. So I decided to help.

I wrote a book, giving all the inside information so that they knew what to do to become a big success! And here is is: Inside Mystery Shopping. I wrote it all myself, every single word! It's the real deal. It tells you everything: How to know who to work for (some companies are shonky - sad but true), how to apply, how to do the assignments, how to write the reports.

Working From Home
How To Get Lots Of Secret Shopper Jobs

Working from home is a dream for most people, and secret shopping is one way you can have the dream job. Here are some tips:

  • Work for several (good) companies

  • Know which jobs to accept.

  • Be a great mystery shopper

So why do these tips work?

  • Most companies limit how much an individual shopper can earn, so work for several companies. If you worked for 4 companies and you were a top-notch mystery shopper then you could earn $800+ a week for a few hours work

  • There's a big difference between jobs that pay $96 per hour, and jobs which actually leave you out of pocket! You need to know which jobs to accept and which to pass up. Why should you pay someone to work for them?

  • 99% of shoppers don't get to the 'fast lane'. They have a few jobs, but don't make real money. They don't know HOW to be a great mystery shopper. That's what I can teach you. That's why I wrote Inside Mystery Shopping!

She Thought All She Had To Do Was Sign Up

But it's not enough. For every successful mystery shopper there are 99 mystery shoppers who wonder why they don't get jobs.

Who wait for the jobs, but they don't come. Who check their email constantly, but no jobs.

Shoppers who don't like feeling like they have failed, but don't know what to do to be a success.

The jobs are out there. Lots and lots of jobs. So how do you get them?

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It's Like Playing a Game Where You Don't Know The Rules

Trying to be a successful mystery shopper without knowing how mystery shopping companies work is like trying to dance when you can't hear the music.

You have no idea what they are looking for. Sure, they will tell you general information and they may have a training program and certification test. But most shoppers who pass all this still don't get jobs. Why? What aren't they telling you?

Get Yourself An Unfair Advantage : Get Inside Information

It's true. Most successful mystery shoppers have had help. Inside information. That's how they know what to do to get all the jobs.

Yes, it's unfair. Some people are in on the secrets, can get the jobs and make the money. Others don't, and wait for jobs that don't come. But now you too can find out the secrets and you can have the unfair advantage!

OK. I Hear You! So What Will Inside Mystery Shopping Do For Me?

You'll get all the INSIDE INFORMATION you need to be a successful mystery shopper!

Let us show you how to do it the right way. We'll give you all the tips and secrets that you need to become a confident successful shopper who has so much work they can cherry-pick assignments! Without Inside Mystery Shopping you are stumbling in the dark, not sure if you are doing the right thing, not sure what they are looking for.

Inside Mystery Shopping takes the mystery out of mystery shopping!

Sounds Good. But What Do I Actually Get?

Glad you asked! Inside Mystery Shopping is absolutely unique. You go behind the scenes in a real mystery shopping company. You see how they choose shoppers for jobs. You see how they assess shoppers after they have done the shopping jobs - to decide whether they get any more jobs. You also get real assignments to do in your own time so that you have real time experience.

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There's nothing else that's remotely like it. You get:

secret shopper job vacancies INFORMATION EBOOK: 100 pages of step-by-step information, absolutely everything you need to know as a mystery shopper

FREE BONUSES: We have included some great bonuses to jump start your new career as a mystery shopper!

Sounds Great! But I Still Have a Few Questions

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How Do You Know All This?

We are a real mystery shopping company, and have been in business for many years. We have all the inside information that you're not going to get anywhere else. We know what makes a great mystery shopper, and what puts shoppers on the 'Do Not Use' list (Yes, there really is a "Do Not Use' list! We tell you all about it and how to avoid it.)
We are not someone claiming to be a 'professional mystery shopper' and handing out questionable home-spun advice. We've seen them on the Internet and suggest you avoid their advice.

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How Do I Know This isn't a Scam?

We know there are scams out there, and Inside Mystery Shopping shows you how to identify scams and avoid them. We want you to be safe. Inside Mystery Shopping is by Shadow Shopper Pty Ltd, and we have been mystery shopping since 2004. Our shopper site (Get Paid To Shop) has been recommended by A Current Affair. We are not a fly-by-night operation!

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What About a Guarantee?

Absolutely! We're not happy unless you are. We offer a full 30-day money back guarantee. So here's our promise to you:

30 Day Unconditional 100% Money Back
No-Risk Guarantee

You're an important customer and we want to make sure that you're happy. Read Inside Mystery Shopping. Use our bonuses. If you are not thrilled with your new-found skills and confidence then I simply want you to tell me, and I'll send you a prompt, no hassle
100% refund.

When Inside Mystery Shopping helps you achieve your dream of mystery shopper success I'd love you to tell me your success story!

So What Do Successful Mystery Shoppers think of Inside Mystery Shopping?

"Exceptional insights into the mystery shopping industry and the back room workings of a mystery shopping company"

"For potential and current mystery shoppers .. a set of logical instructions to follow to become a preferred mystery shopper.....a 'Must Read".

"It's like that show Breaking the Magician's Code where they reveal all the secrets. .. everything is explained."

"It's something I would have loved before applying to be a mystery shopper! Everything one needs to know, and excellent examples to support each segment...excellent"

"Explained all aspects of Mystery Shopping from both the Mystery Shopping point of view and the Shoppers point of view which is useful as Shoppers don't always understand why they are not getting more assignments."

"A comprehensive collection of practical and invaluable information for anyone interested in a career as a mystery shopper . . . the 'bible' of mystery shopping one could say!"

"Very informative and helpful to existing shoppers .. also useful for potential shadow shoppers who are thinking of entering this line of employment. I also appreciated the book highlighting scams and how not to fall into their traps."
N. Smith

"Insights into the mystery shopping industry...even as an experienced shopper of 5 years I now have a better understanding which will help me be a better and more valuable shopper...should be mandatory reading. I fully endorse and recommend."


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Why struggle through years of trial and error when you can find out how to be a success within a few hours?

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apply to be a secret shopper

Why not fast track your time to success by learning the inside secrets?

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Why not get the advantages that only preferred shoppers have had up until now?

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OK, It's the Smart Thing To Do - But How Much is it Going to Cost?

Let's face it - you want to be a successful mystery shopper to have fun and to MAKE MONEY. As a successful business person you have to know when to invest and when not to. (Actually, its the same in mystery shopping - some assignments are not worth doing. Others are. We show you how to select the best, most profitable assignments)

We know that you will recoup your investment in your first 3 assignments - jobs you will get easily after you know the secrets in Inside Mystery Shopping.

The Inside Mystery Shopping package (Information EBook + Bonuses) is only $39.95 for a limited time during the initial phase. We have only a limited number available at this price. Once they are gone then it's back to full price. So make sure you get your's while it's available at this special price!

Remember, there's a full money-back guarantee!

Inside Mystery Shopping: Everything's Included! EBook and Bonuses.

INFORMATION EBOOK : 100 pages of essential information about how mystery shopping companies work. How they select shoppers and how they allocate jobs. Why some shoppers get lots of jobs and others don't. Lots of examples of what to do and what NOT to do. All the information and tips you need to launch your career as a successful mystery shopper.

PLUS : Check Out These Great Bonuses!

Mystery Shopper Software (Value $59.95)

Many mystery shopping expenses can be claimed on tax. This software will keep track of your assignments, purchases, expenses, reimbursements and payments ready for tax time! Please note: we are not tax experts, and can't give tax advice. Check with your accountant before claiming.

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'Ten Myths of Mystery Shopping' (value $14.95)

Special Report. Stay safe from scams! How to spot unethical companies by the myths they push and the claims they make. Recognise the shonky operators. How not to fall for the hype.

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Shadow Shopper Checklists (value $14.95)

Make sure you always have great descriptions in your reports. Don't wait for inspiration to strike! These 'tick the box' checklists to make sure that you cover all the important aspects of the people who serve you, the stores you visit and food you order!

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Questionnaires EBook (value $39.95)

Five real-life questionnaires to practice your new skills on. Find out how good your observational and reporting skills really are.

Lifetime Updates (value $97)

Inside Mystery Shopping will be updated regularly to cover new aspects that our mystery shoppers request. As new editions are released you will receive all Inside Mystery Shopping updates absolutely FREE! We will contact you by email and send you instant download instructions so that you can stay totally up to date.

Lets Put It All Together and See What You Save

cost table

That's right! Over $325 worth of value at the special price of only $39.95.

Remember, this offer is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY and may revert to standard pricing at any time.

It's Your Career - It's Your Decision!

Of course you want to be a success as a mystery shopper, earning good money, choosing the jobs you want and having fun. Money like in these pay slips(roll over thumbnails to see the figures change):

YOU CAN! But the only person who can make it happen is YOU!


  • You can DO NOTHING You can carry on mystery shopping as a non-professional, getting frustrated because the jobs don't come rolling in and wondering what you're doing wrong.

  • You can THINK ABOUT IT and miss this once-off chance. You can wonder what it would be like to be a successful mystery shopper. But every day you let slip means more missed opportunities, missed jobs and missed money while other shoppers are learning how to grab these opportunities!

  • You can START YOUR MYSTERY SHOPPING CAREER NOW! Take control of your life and your dreams, and find out how to be successful. You can be a successful mystery shopping but you have to take the first step.

    Success doesn't just happen - you have to act!

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You Get INSTANT ACCESS To Inside Mystery Shopping!

Inside Mystery Shopping is instantly downloadable. No waiting, no shipping costs, no worries about it getting lost or delayed. You could be starting in just minutes!

Secure Payment through PAYPAL

Buy securely through Paypal. The payment is to Shadow Organisation Pty Ltd, the parent company of Shadow Shopper, and that is what will show up in your receipt. You can use your Paypal account, or your credit card, bank transfer, debit card or any other payment method accepted by PayPal. It's totally secure. We don't see any details as they are handled securely through PayPal.

As soon as your payment has been processed by PayPal you will be returned to the Shadow Organisation website where you will have immediate access to Inside Mystery Shopping and your free bonuses.


Remember there's NO RISK. We give a 30 day money-back guarantee. How safe can you get?


  • If you're serious about mystery shopping

  • If you want to be successful

  • If you want to get on the fast track

  • If you want to get started right away

Then you need Inside Mystery Shopping.

Remember, nothing happens unless you make it happen - and everything starts with the first step. TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP TODAY!

Wishing you every success in your wonderful new career!

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Director, Shadow Shopper Pty Ltd

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Have Fun As A Mystery Shopper!

We want you to be 100% satisfied and 100% successful, so we'll remind you of these important facts:

FACT 1 - Inside Mystery Shopping is AUTHENTIC

It's written personally by the director of a mystery shopping company. It is not a series of amateur anecdotes with some homespun advice. You know that if someone did a few mystery shopping assignments this doesn't make them an expert, or able to advise you in any way.

It is not written by an 'author for hire' who talked to a few mystery shoppers and then cobbled together some 'facts' and 'advice'. Inside Mystery Shopping is the result of years of actually running a successful mystery shopping company. We let you look behind the scenes, see how it works and show you how to be a successful shopper.

FACT 2 - There's NO RISK in buying Inside Mystery Shopping

It's 100% guaranteed. If for any reason you are not satisfied and you want your money back it's done right away, no questions asked, so you know you are completedly safe.

FACT 3 - The Jobs Are Out There

ake it happen TODAY.

You will make the $39.95 for Inside Mystery Shopping
back on your first 2 assignments.